Warren Clark Strategic Vision Partners

Warren Clark is President of Strategic Vision Partners, LLC. Mr. Clark's experience includes:

  • Vice President of sales for the Health Insurance Division of Pacific Life
  • Vice President and General Manager for the Met Plans Health Insurance Division of Met Life
  • Vice President of Sales for PCS Health Systems
  • Senior Vice President of the Carrier Division for Medco Health

During Mr. Clark's tenure with Merck-Medco he was responsible for the management of Coordination Medicale et Pharmaceutique, a Joint Venture with CIDER Sante and Merck in Paris France. CMP was focused on delivering networked decision support tools to physicians in France. Mr. Clark also participated in similar projects in the UK, Germany, and Norway.

Since forming SVP, Mr. Clark has:

  • Assisted an International Travel Insurance Company in the development of a marketing strategy and implementation of an international network of physicians.
  • Developed a post marketing strategy for the collection of transparent feedback from prospects and clients to enhance sales and marketing effectiveness for pharmacy benefit management companies.
  • Created a Joint Venture with a major re-insurance company to automate the underwriting process using the inferential diagnostic value of prescription drug data.
  • Patent recipient as co-inventor of systems and methods for insurance underwriting.
    (See US Patent Application)

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